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My first unmanaged Virtual Server - VI. Security

Now lets do some securing before it's too late.
First upload a hosts.deny file, like posted < a href="">here and follow this Tutorial

Add a new user:

# adduser USERNAME

Add ClamAv and update

# apt-get install clamav
# freshclam


# clamscan -r /

Since I want to host a few different domains on here, I want to move the default directories to home/USERNAME/. In this directory I want to auto-create certain directories (eg: 'backup' and 'logs' and maybe a 'Maildir' for emails and redirect the necessary backups, logs and mails into those directories) when a new user is added as well as certain files when a virtual domain is added.. I guess I'll have to do this step by step when I get comfortable enough and know how to do this exactly ...

[ .. more to come .. ]